Bike tours

Bike tours

Exploring the beautiful Cape Kamenjak, riding along the seaside, enjoying inland nature of Istria or perhaps a city sightseeing riding a bike .... there are really many possiblities, you just have to choose the one that suits you best. Our team will make sure you create some unforgettable memories.

  • Visiting the dinosaur path
  • Cliff jumping and snorkelling in the caves
  • Enjoying all the beauties of nature park Cape Kamenjak
  • Exploring the hidden coves and swimming in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea

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Kayak tours

Some places are really special. They are hidden and their beauty is intact. The sun, caves and the sea create a unique magic in such sights. On our kayak tours, we'll take you there so you can experience it all for yourself. Explore with us the secret coves and enjoy all the natual wonders of Cape Kamenjak. We also offer other kayak tours and itineraries to enjoy and explore caves along the coast of Istria and the nearby town of Pula. On our tours you can also experience:

  • You can go cliff jumping
  • Have lunch in a unique beach bar
  • You'll visit the amazing, hidden coves
  • Go snorkelling and explore the underwater caves
  • You'll witness the beauties along the coast of Cape Kamenjak that are available only if you arrive by kayak

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Bike tours

SUP tours

Stand up Paddles offers experience that is on par with those of most beautiful places.

  • Cliff jumping
  • Lunch at beach bar
  • Vine and olive oil tasting

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N - 44° 47' 56.223

E - 13° 54' 35.029''



Cape Kamenjak is a protected nature park situated on the south of the Istrian peninsula. It is a part of Premantura, a small picturesque village only 10 km away from the town of Pula. Cape Kamenjak is full of beautiful scenery and nature, charming coves and beaches, vivid cliffs and everyone can find a favourite spot for themselves. You can arrive to Cape Kamenjak from Premantura by car, bike or by boat. During the summer period motor vehicles must pay the entrance fee. The entrance is free of charge for pedestrians and bike riders.

What to do at Cape Kamenjak?

  • Visit down or upper Kamenjak and experience it with all of your senses
  • Cycle along the educational path and learn about the natural values of Kamenjak
  • Visit an Istrian farm and an Istrian family farm with agrotourism
  • You can "escape civilisation" at the Safari Bar
  • Ride your bike along the "Orchid" trail and enjoy the view of the entire coastal area

What to see there ?

  • Rich flora including healing herbs
  • Explore the magnificent cliffs and hidden coves
  • Have a drink in the unique Safari bar
  • Stroll through the dinosaur path where you will find a fossilized footprint of a 98 million years old dinosaur
  • Visit an Istrian farm and meet „boškarin“ – the type of Istrian ox, taste traditional olive oil and wine
  • Look for the Mediterranean Monk Seal and dolphins (If you are lucky, you just might see them so look carefully :)

Sport at Rt Kamenjak

Cape Kamenjak is the perfect place for an active holiday. You can explore all the beauties in any way you like the most: hiking, by bike or on a kayak tour. Bike trails in Cape Kamenjak are one of the most popular trails in Istria. International mountain bike races are held here as well as many recreational races. For all the adrenaline lovers there is cliff jumping and surfing.

Who can participate ?

We make sure that our tours are custom made and tailored according to your personal needs so everyone is welcome. Feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to meeting you.

Feel free to contact us. We will respond in next 24 hours.